March 2021:

Denise gave an amazing presentation about her experiences and role of an end of life Doula. She is a most wonderful speaker and her presentation was excellent. We need to hear this information and begin thinking about our end of life and how we want to celebrate it.

C.E. - Probus Presentation

March 2021: I met Denise when I travelled to Winnipeg from Yellowknife for my end of life doula training in 2018, Denise was my instructor for the week. What struck me instantly with Denise was her grace and patience. As our week together flew by, I found myself absorbing mountains of information and knowledge every time she would speak. Denise has access to so many resources and materials and she is a master at organizing and cataloguing it all. This makes it very easy for her to share it with others. I have never felt any intimidation when asking questions or for advice. Denise is a woman building connection and community and I've always felt both of those very deeply, even though there is so much physical distance between us. There have been several times since I left my training in Winnipeg that I have reached out to Denise as a mentor. Each time I was met, again, with that welcoming electronic embrace that Denise has perfected. Open arms and no judgement is how every interaction goes with Denise. I'm proud to be learning and growing my connection to such a powerful and intelligent woman, and I'm grateful that the universe put us in each other's paths.

Cailey Mercredi

July 2020 "Denise was my professor for the End of Life Doula course. She truly made my experience invaluable. Her gentle compassion, immense knowledge, and sensitivity helped foster a learning environment infused with support and wisdom. Her years of experience in death care are translated beautifully as an End of Life educator, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn with Denise. "

Samantha Shier

November 2019 "She is passionate, honest, empathetic, respectful and gentle, with a whole lot of knowledge. I took my training from her and highly recommended her from a student and client perspective. Love her so much. "

Sarah Klym

September 2019 "Thank you for the life changing five days of training, Denise. You really are a gifted storyteller, facilitator, and holder of space....the perfect combination of teacher and mentor. I have so much still to digest and mull over. I can’t wait to see where this takes all of us!"

Cindy Rogers Maitland

2017 --- "When my dear friend of nearly 50 years died in January 2017, her body was not instantly whisked away to a hospital morgue as my mother’s had been. Instead, it was transported to the home of another dear friend under the care and direction of Sharon and Denise of Love’s Last Breath. There, her body was lovingly washed and anointed by them and by us, her friends and family members. We took leave of her slowly, kindly and deliberately.

2017 -- Sharon and Denise supported us with the practical knowledge and the guidance that we needed. More than that, they created an atmosphere in which each of us could feel the spiritual significance of our loved one’s passing. The following day, her body was transported to a funeral home for cremation.

I feel I had a chance to say a good ‘good-bye’ to my beloved friend, and I will always be grateful to Sharon and Denise for this.


2017 ---- "I was blessed to hold a home vigil for a very dear friend. Family, close friends, our death doulas, gathered together to celebrate my friend; her life , her spirit. We sang together, told stories, laughed and wept together. It was a gentle and spacious time. And , such a gift to be present with this great Mystery, and to say our farewells in such an intimate and loving way.

We gathered together for 24 hours, some of us slept here, some of us went home and then came back the next day. Our death doulas supported us in every way, part of the loving circle that held all of us and my friend. They also took care of the practicalities that allowed this home vigil to happen safely and easily.



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